We bought our first house in the fall of last year. It took a few months to be built to our exact needs and desires, but today we are all moved in and it the house could not look more perfect.

One of the things I struggled with, since I am a hyper-anxious person, was how on earth would I be able to decorate a two story house by move-in date plus save for a down-payment. My husband and I came up with a plan. We each put out $500 dollars every paycheck starting in January of 2017. So, by the end of the year we had $12,000 dollars and we only used $3500 to fill up and decorate our home. Now, you may wonder how did we accomplish that?  Below is a list of tips that helped us get our first dream home.


We researched, then researched the we researched some more. What styles we wanted, how much we wanted to spend, our house actual plans, etc.

Select a Style

First, decide on what style you want to decorate your house. We wanted a very modern, minimalist house. We created a Pinterest board with all the looks we were interested in. This next thing is key and it is what I truly think helped us save money and not over buy or spend blindly. Say we liked the style on a Pinterest picture of a living room, we’d then go and hunt for similar items and those items only.

Local Stores vs. Online Shopping

Because we wanted a very modern look, it was very hard for us to find anything locally that would fit out style so our only option was to look online. We had a very bad experience ordering online from IKEA so I would never recommend that place to anyone looking for affordable furniture, but there are other great places out there. All of our stuff came from either Amazon.com, Wayfair.com or Allmodern.com.

Similarly, to the point I made previously, we’d look for furniture and decor that’d resemble the inspiration we found on Pinterest.

Here are some snapshots of our house.


These pictures are from our office. We knew we needed some sort of sitting/sleeping area in there. We both work from home a lot and we work late sometimes so we needed a place where the little could come and hang out with us while we did boring grown up stuff.

We also added a some custom shelving right next to the daybed.  All of us love to read and a normal bookshelf wasn’t enough for us.

For the living room and the dining room we wanted something that felt open and calming so we went with white, grey and black tones. We changed the light fixtures, added rugs and throws to give it some warmth. We also hung the curtains at least a foot above the end of the window and 5 inches out of each side of the window to make the windows look bigger and taller. Because we cook so much and own so many cookbooks, we decided to display in them dining room.


Simiarly, we wanted a relaxing paradise for our bedroom. Here, we added a touch of blue for my husband (he felt like he needed a pop of color).  I also used one of the walls to create a vanity. We also added extra long curtains to give the room some extra coziness. We got lower bed to give the room that modern look.


I hope this inpsired you to create your own perfect house!

Posted by:Aisha Pectyo

Astrophysicist turned data rockstar who speaks code and has enough yarn and mod podge to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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