So…um, as you probably guessed I have an insane amount of hobbies and passions. One of them is stationary. If you like you use planners on your machine then stop reading as you’ll find this post a waste of time, but if you’re still old school and like to use pen and paper then proceed.

I’ve also attached a free sticker image for all my developer peeps. Scroll to the bottom to download it.



I am not sure what it is about pen and paper, but I truly feel like writing things down helps me remember things and I find it incredibly satisfying to just check things off a list. For the past year and half I have been using the Ink + Volt planner. They do tend to be on the pricier side, but I don’t have enough time to go full blown bujo (bullet journal) and this one gives me structure, but also enough empty space to add in my own stuff, like habit trackers and sleep trackers. I also got a couple separate notebooks specifically for work and languages. Those I use to detail projects and languages I am learning, etc.



Making Lists:

Make very specific lists. Otherwise, you will never check things off and you’ll feel like you are not accomplishing anything. Don’t do this:

  • Write script to do X
  • Write doc for X

Instead do:

  • Define project X
  • Write function for script X
  • Arrange meeting with client Y

I also like to add the due date to each bullet in my list and the priority.



Let’s talk pens… I mean, do yourself a favor and go to and get some nice pens. I don’t kid when I say it feels like you’re writing with butter. I use pens and highlighters in different colors so I can make different blocks of text and separate thoughts, titles, etc. I may have a problem…


This one here my favorite pen! Get them here!

Image from iOS (9)


Planner Stickers:

I also like decorate my planner using stickers (mood, weather stickers, etc), washi tape, etc.

In fact, I have gotten into making my own stickers because I couldn’t find anything that was specific to development. So I made these stickers today. I saw something similar on Pinterest and I just had to make them. Personally, I think they’re poppin…haha. I can put these on my weekly spreads and easily keep track of projects.

If you also think they’re popping feel free to download them (you will need a cricut or a silhouette to make the stickers).


Here’s the JPEG for the stickers.

Project Stickers


Obviously this is all very extra, but having pretty, organized things always boosts my motivation.

Happy crafting/coding/organizing!

Posted by:Aisha Pectyo

Astrophysicist turned data rockstar who speaks code and has enough yarn and mod podge to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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