Nothing better than drawing juicy, tropical papayas while stuck in the Midwest, right? For the record, I do not like papayas, but I think it’s such a pretty fruit I had to paint it. I recently started playing with oil pastels and its quickly become one of my favorite art mediums.


I always like to start gathering a plethora of colors and pictures to get an idea of my palette and what kind of style I am going for. It us much better to plan ahead than to try to fix messy pastels. I will often paint “samples” of different parts of my subject before painting the real thing.

Discovery Pictures. Source: Web
Color samples of two main parts of papaya.


For this particular painting, I used a combination of Sennelier Oil Pastels and Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels. I find that Sennelier pastels are great toppers, fillers, but can be too buttery for details or thin outlines. I also used Carnache’s coloring pencils for finer details.

Note: I started out with a sketch the outline of the papaya using a sketching pencil (LIGHTLY SKETCH otherwise it’ll show!)

Finished papayas.

Finished Papayas

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